The Ephemeral Joys of a Child

No child should be robbed of her childhood in any way. One’s memories of childhood are her treasure.  As an adult,  we are toxicated by the complicated world we live in. Most of us would look at our joyous childish acts,  free from worries,  free from pain. 

Such memories are great source of inspiration especially for us designers. I am quite a tomboy as a child.  We lived with my grandparents and my disciplinarian Aunt (she’s a tomboy) until my 1st grade in school. I am that kind of kid who sleeps in the afternoon after lunch (that’s why I grew up this tall haha).  My Aunt dictated what time we should we sleep,  what hairstyle we should don (I always have the barber’s cut), what time we should wake up,  go back home,  and what food to eat. Maybe I sort of adopted my Aunt’s actions because I don’t like Barbie at all. But I love sewing clothes for my kikay sister’s dolls. Whenever my lola’s radio breaks down,  I am the first person who will get a screw driver to disassemble the stuff and try to repair it. You can tell that I am good at fixing things because I became the favorite girl apo.

I also dismantle my brother’s toys and morphed the parts into a new toy. Once,  I played with our old VW because I think it’s a toy (you can’t blame me, they look like toy cars) and it went all the way down up to 10 meters until I slam the bumper on a coconut tree.  Well,  that tree was my savior.

I am a scavenger as a child and even up to now. I will use every possible alternative materials to create something.  As much as possible,  I don’t buy things that I can make.  Well,  this kind of attitude has helped me to optimally use my resources.

Such memories as inspiration,  I was able to create a wristband from used velcro and bag buckles.


When we moved out from my grandparents house,  the path of my childhood changed.  I have been exposed to another take on life-more free, more adventurous. I can grow my hair to shoulder-length and play outddoor with my friends.

I had the time to bond with my older cousins (both UP Graduates). In 3rd grade, my feminine allure started to grow. They taught me how to create bead accessories which I sell in our school. My classmates were always excited everytime I bring out the small boxes containing very affordable earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

From this totally different stage in my life, I was inspired to create this pearl bib necklace. The basic knowledge I got from my cousins on how to twist wire, what materials to buy and how to connect and combine enabled me to do so.


This necklace costs me a total of 12 bucks and 30 minutes only.

Having been exposed to this girly stuff, I was able to realize that I am a girl. However, I still love assembling-disassembling things and creating make-shifts of just anything I can think of. This is the way accessories affected my childhood and the person I am now, and these ephemeral joys of my childhood would surely inspire me to design from the heart.


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