Tarp Warp

Morphological analysis (MA) is one great approach to generate new products that will catch a market. As designers, we are often bombarded by ideas that we cannot contain that we end up with nothing. This has become one of my dilemmas. The thing about MA is that you just list down all the techniques (to create a product), materials and products you can think of. Anything under the sun. Randomly choose one attribute from each category and try to morph them (that’s why it’s called morphological analysis haha) to come up with a new product. Then browse the internet to confirm if the product you come up with is already existing in the market. You’ll never know, it could be your biggest breakthrough.

So, here’s my first attempt to use MA.


Using the weaving technique is very interesting and suitable in creating recycled products since more often than not,  the available materials are just scrap remains you found at your storage. The technique is open to a lot of variation to come up with new designs and texture.





MATERIAL: Tarpaulin

Used tarpaulin are abundant in the Philippines especially after an election period. Philippines has a huge problem in disposing plastic wastes such as tarpaulins. A lot of livelihood programs already introduced these recyclable as material to create bag, umbrella and rain coat to name a few.



PRODUCT: Satchel

Satchel has insanely taken the Philippine consumers late last year until the early period of 2013. The brightly colored bags caught the attention of many youngsters and young at heart.



MY IDEA: Woven Tarp Satchel

This satchel is  made from woven tarpaulin strips with long chain strap. It is a different approach/technique in creating bags from tarpaulin. The strap is a scrap lightweight chain. The contrasting surface of the tarpaulin (black and white) were cut into strips.


Now it’s your time to try and shine.



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