Eggshell Beads

There are already a few ways on how to get the most out of your eggs. A usual Pinoy breakfast has at least an egg in it (it works that way in our household coz my mom loves eggs).  Eggshells are used as compost and even as sweetener for coffee. So the next time you cook your omelets, think before you throw. 

Here’s my take on another unusual use of eggshelld.

Material: Eggshell

Eggshells are made of Calcium carbonate. The same brittle substance that compose corals, sea shells and pearls.Image

Technique: Pounding and Binding

Before pounding, the eggshells must be cleanse to remove egg white and yolk traces that may cause bacterial buildup and stinking. Then, soak the eggshell pieces in a brine solution with lemon or calamansi for about 48 hours. Dry under direct heat from the sun. Pound using mortar and pestle.Image

Using ceramic resin, eggshell powder will be molded into beads of desired shape and design. Ceramic resin must be used because eggshells share almost similar component with ceramics.Image

Product: Ceramic Beads



My Idea: Eggshell Beads

Combining the three attributes, my idea is to create ceramic-like beads from powdered eggshells. The product will appear rough but the texture is smooth because of the resin.

It will more likely look like this (Surface texture and appearance only) :


Modern home ceramic resin decoration gold-plated silver abstract art doll smiley decoration





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