WORKSHOP 1-Fabric Construction

The kick off for our series of workshops session for Apparel Accessory course was Fabric Construction. It is basically manipulating yarn or thread to come up with another product.

The group thought us a popular Chinese fabric construction called the panchang.


Using a thick rubber foam, pins and threads, we were able to come up with our own panchangs.




After the workshop, we were asked to interpret our design. I, D and Danica called this Life and Death.




This is a close up of our final output. We got a perfect score for this.Hooray!



These are the overall products of the whole class after the workshop.

The first workshop was really fun although the group has a little difficulty in demonstrating the knots. They could have thought of improvising a bigger scale for demonstration so that the steps are clear. The workshop is also helpful in apparel design since the techniques they taught are very applicable especially to Chinese-inspired collections.

The workshop is great knowing that they’re the first presenters.




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