Sadly, this was the last workshop for our 124 but definitely not the least.

During the first part, the pair showed a lot of great and interesting videos in hat making. Then, for our workshop, we are going to make our own beret. They showed us the basic steps in pattern drafting and sewing that became my foundation to produce a different output.



I made a beret from a scrap fabric I have. When we were given more time to finish the hat at home, I tried and experimented (folding and pleating) to make my pre-hat look more like a beret than a shower cap. I somehow succeeded.

The workshop was helpful in teaching us the basics. But after that, we were left to better our own hats. We were also limited in terms of art direction because everyone has to do a beret. I was dying to do a fascinator! HAHA Also, they should have produced a sample that the could show to the class so that we can have an idea what the pattern they gave looks like after sewing. Apparently, I was disappointed because the circle was too big that my hat looked like a shower cap or maybe the fabric they gave is inappropriate for the pattern. On the brighter side, it left us to be more critical of our work and think of other ways to repair it.





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