Using different natural dyes, we were able to come up with our own canvass bag, our very own Boho-esque bags. 


It was amazing that the group were able to produce different kinds of natural dyes like bougaenvillea, onion, rose and many more.



The workshop was really fun because we all enjoyed soaking our hands in different dyes ala mad scientist.



However, many of us were not able to produce our desired design which was perfectly explained by the group. Natural dyeing takes a lot of time and our whole session is barely enough. Despite this eventuality, we were happy to have our colored canvass bag than the plain one of course.





We were happily taking our selfies.

The group did a fantastic job in trying to demonstrate the beauty of natural dyeing. It is indeed very helpful especially for those who are environment advocates where chemical dyeing is a big NO NO. It could have been better of course if we have more time to soak our bags. The workshop can also be improved if they incorporated the alugbati seeds which color strongly and fast.






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