WORKSHOP 5-Printing

Our fifth workshop was printing. I commend the group for teaching us how to do block printing using root crops and some fruits. That was a new idea to me.



Another technique that we were able to apply is carving. It wasn’t hard but very tedious given the very limited time. At least for me it was because I was really ambitious to emulate the intricate carvings of the leaf.


Looked like the rest of the class were enjoying the workshop.



My final product was a necklace made from a recycled chain and fabrics I block printed with the carved leaf design. I was again lucky to get a perfect score for this one.


The workshop went really smooth. However, it could be improved if the group provided carving materials or asked the class ahead of time to bring one. Also, the textile paint were not adhering to the crops. The group could have seen that and thought of an innovative way so that the textile print could have its full effect.






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