WORKSHOP 7-Clay work

The clay workshop was one of the cutest workshops and applicable for me since I haven’t done any clay work before.


I was really focused in molding my clay since I chose a somewhat impossible design (my first thought). But amazingly, the clay did its wonders to stand and formed into sprawling snakes after I baked them.


These were the clay accessories we have produced after the workshop. Really cute!


I was able to produce this Kendi-pendant from my excess clay. 🙂



This was the clay ring I made for the workshop. My inspiration for this are snakes and zebra. I was lucky to be able to produce the effect of sprawling snakes that I envisioned. This “fierce” ring was included in the best outputs and I got a free massage voucher from BFF spa!

The overall flow of the workshop was smooth and systematic. Kudos to the pair for pulling off the gallery-esque and Russian ambiance. However, I think the pair failed in actually demonstrating clay molding techniques because they’ve relied on the video demos.








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