WORKSHOP 9-Jewelry Making

This was our workshop!

For this workshop, we asked the whole class to come in their simplest most laid back look as we wanted to see how a jewelry can make an outfit colorful.












Our classmates who are most of the time clad in runway-worthy outfits (like the three gorgeous girls above) came in their really simple or pambahay look. 


Since our theme is Divisoria, D donned a policeman look for that day.


We turned the classroom into a mini-Divisoria complete with repacked beads and notions. We also distributed fairly fake moneys to everyone which served as their budget for their Divi challenge. We thought of doing the whole  set up to emulate the real things that happen when we go out to buy our materials and to teach our classmates a thing or two in budgeting, planning what to buy and choosing the right materials.



We were happy that everyone enjoyed the workshop and most gave positive feedback. We were even happier to see their magnificent necklaces.

The only real problem we had was the limited time.





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